Table of Hope Berlin 2017



What is the Table of Hope Project?

The Table of Hope Project is an ongoing community involved and evolved movement taking place in select cities across the globe. Those taking part in the project build a table from recycled meaningful wooden slabs adhered together with hopes and dreams of the individual co-creators. The outcome is a thought-piece of ‘moving’ art. The table becomes a metaphorical place to sit together as one and hold deep dialogues focused on cultivating these hopeful dreams into social good and positive change in the world.


Where it all began?

It started in Capetown, South Africa in 2014 as a way to get people talking about the widening social gap that was causing progressively more poverty. A feeling of detrimental despair was obvious in and around Capetown, and so it seemed appropriate to begin the movement here. Those who participated shared so much love and compassion in the project, it was apparent this was the beginning of a bigger, whole-worldly movement. And so from here, it moved minds and around the world stopping at Ghana before moving north to Europe.


How does it ‘move’?

Everything about the process and outcome of the Table of Hope Project is emotionally moving. In the build of a Table of Hope, all written words are hidden inside the meaningful table top (only to be revealed by a mobile app in the near future).One slab of wood is removed from a finished table to be shipped to the next table’s location. At the new local, this spared piece is incorporated into the up-and-coming hope-inspired table as its backbone, ultimately moving discussions about positive change around the world.


Table of Hope Project Berlin

Will Berlin, Germany be the location for the next Table of Hope? Let’s discuss!

It’s a melting pot of a city, full of diverse cultures, races, and languages.
Now more than ever, the city needs a symbolic statement to shed fear and stereotypes. It needs a contemporary centerpiece that instills collective connectedness; a love for Berlin, its people and diversity, and the world’s humanity at large.

Stay tuned as the Table of Hope Project Berlin develops and evolves. It’s slated to take place in the spring/summer of 2017. Exact location is to be determined.