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Meet the team

Creatuals is all about teamwork and co-creation

Meike Ziegler [Creative Alchemist]

Born in 1969 (Londen), Meike studied Art History and Italian in Florence (1989-1990), followed by studies in Graphic Design at the HKU, School for the Arts in Utrecht and Media Production at the London College of Communication (1990-1995).

Through her studies and career Meike worked at design and multimedia companies in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and New York. Between 2002-2010, Meike had her own design studio in Amsterdam working closely with Asian designer Yew Kee Chung (Matte Amsterdam).

In 2010 Meike decided to change her focus and developed a new concept and product-line called Creatuals. Today she runs the Creatual Lab in Amsterdam and Berlin.


Over the past eight years in Amsterdam, Meike worked closely with various skilled co-experts and professionals across distinct industries and fields in order to carry out several large-scale corporate creatual events. The work was mostly project based, however, many of of theses collaborations were ongoing. And to this day, some of these Amsterdam-based project managers, builders, and artists are onboard and eager to continue helping with future Creatuals projects in the Netherlands.

Berlin Team

Amrei Andrasch  [Experience designer]

Experience designer

Robin Sontheimer [Product strategist]
Creatual Navigator

Bridget Burne
Creatual Connector USA