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Meet the team

Creatuals is all about teamwork and co-creation

Meike Ziegler [Creative Alchemist]

Born in 1969 (Londen), Meike studied Art History and Italian in Florence (1989-1990), followed by studies in Graphic Design at the HKU, School for the Arts in Utrecht and Media Production at the London College of Communication (1990-1995).

Through her studies and career Meike worked at design and multimedia companies in Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and New York. Between 2002-2010, Meike had her own design studio in Amsterdam working closely with Asian designer Yew Kee Chung (Matte).

In 2010 Meike decided to change her focus and developed a new concept and product-line called Creatuals. Today she runs the Creatual Lab in Amsterdam and Berlin.


Over the past six years in Amsterdam, Meike worked closely with various skilled co-experts and professionals across distinct industries and fields in order to carry out several large-scale corporate creatual events. The work was mostly project based, however, many of of theses collaborations were ongoing. And to this day, some of these Amsterdam-based project managers, builders, and artists are onboard and eager to continue helping with future Creatuals projects in the Netherlands.

Now in Berlin, Creatuals is looking to expand a similar ‘co-working’ network.


Megan Lillick  [Marketing /pr  BERLIN]

Megan comes from a journalism background with experience in B2B and B2C marketing in early age startups, nonprofits, and ad agencies. She is passionate about social projects that aim to make the world a better place. As of recently, Megan took on the role as Creatual Strategist to help bring Creatuals to the wider European market and eventually go to market in the US.

Tosh Ichikawa [Marketing /pr  BERLIN]
Solicitor, entrepreneur in residence, community manager at Betahaus.

André Alves [Creatual Connector USA]
Writer, strategist and trend forecaster currently based in NYC. André has over ten years of professional experience using research, consumer behavior, and trend researching as essential tools to help brands anticipate the future.

Bridget Burne [Creatual Connector USA]
Senior Solutions Consultant