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Creatuals are modern, creative rituals for a personal or corporate setting.

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Creatuals are distinctively designed creative rituals for special occasions and events no matter the size. Based on your objective and most importantly the DNA or your company or personal story, the Creatual lab will come up with a unique concept with a modern ritual at its core. One that will twist the mind and sharpen the senses as you partake in such an unexpected experience. One that inspires. One that taps into untapped energy, awakening new insights.
Creatuals can adapt to the motif or stand-alone and out in a simple work of art or by means of a major apparatus.


So what is a creatual?

A creatual is a concept formed from tangible and symbolic ingredients marking a special moment in time. At its core is a modern ritual rooted in wonder. It takes on many different forms, but is always meaningful, inspiring hope, and comes with a dash (or more) of humor.

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Meet the creative alchemist

Meike Ziegler is the mastermind behind Creatuals. In fact, people call her a ‘Creative Alchemist’ because she intuitively and interactively concocts creations from scratch that provoke thought and deepen group dynamics ultimately bringing everyone closer together. She mixes and merges bits and pieces of symbolic ingredients to invent modern ceremonies and events that have a forever shelf life in your memory. Creatuals is the crossroads — or you could say vessel —  of her profession and passion.

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A new piece of ‘calcium’ in which meaningful stories are stored.
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