Creatuals Mission Background Goldprint


Breaking patterns. Moving minds.

Creatuals challenge individuals in a group to question their own possibly clogged thinking patterns through bewilderment and wonder. A creatual aims to empower individuals to reformulate their collective identity and it helps them to cultivate fresh rituals that bring about a renewed sense of belonging. It is a bottom up process that lends space to new mindsets and innovative collective pioneering.

Why Creatuals?

There is an increasing need nowadays to lend extra value to special events, moments and celebrations. Meaningful rituals are few and far between in modern society and increasingly secular in nature. The notion of transience is however no less powerfully present. Creatuals provide a contemporary outlet for our urge to add meaning and value to our lives. They are designed to transform a special occasion into a memorable experience and enable you to record that moment in a tangible memory, a work of art created in a collective process. Each Creatual permeates to the core and connects people.

What are the principles?

All our creatuals are guided by the following principles:
_We work bottom up.
_We recognise individual talent and we stimulate participants to use their personal qualities to improve their collective effect
_We encourage individual responsibility and accountability.

What are the effects?

We are committed to lend individuals contextual momentum, allowing them to reconnect and recharge. We seek to help people reflect on their habits and together we invest our energy in the formulation of new ideals and the cultivation of positive rituals. A creatual provides a group with a novel approach combined with the strength to reformulate with joy their outlook on the future and to create a new sense of togetherness.