For whom?

‘Have your own creatual’

We encourage individuals in a social group or a corporate context to become an ever stronger unit bearing weight effortlessly. Hire Creatuals to mark a special moment, give a lecture, a teambuilding workshop or to support your brand profiling. On a corporate level, we are interested in organisations that are looking for alternative ways to lend meaning, find new solutions for increased unity or to improve how they do business.

“We Westerners have learned to professionalise and to rationalise our working environment, turning it into a soulless world.”

We have worked for

Commercial companies, (local) government and non-profit organisations, museums, concert podia, festivals, the world of education, personal or family celebrations and commemorations. In every one of these areas there are milestones to mark, change processes to initiate, conclude and celebrate, moments to stop, take stock and find creative ways of experiencing an occasion, of dealing with events in a positive, enlightened and life-enriching way.

What do participants experience?

We try to bring all senses into play, to trigger and lend perspective. We look to touch and sometimes tease, to bring participants out of their comfort zones, into the simplicity and purity of things. This is what we call creative alchemy. Creatuals remind us of who we are and where we come from.

‘How you can create a different kind of event for an opening?‘

Some testimonials 

‘Tangible. Marking moments is a strength you can develop.’
‘The power of doings things on an emotional level releases a total differently kind of energy.’
‘It’s powerful to work with associations and metaphors.’
‘The realisation that a tiny change can bring about a completely different effect.’
‘I very tentatively invented my own creatual! Impressive.’
‘I’m especially intrigued by the circle of giving something and receiving something in return.’
‘Letting go of habitual ways of thinking.’
‘I discovered a need to do this kind of thing more often. And to allow myself to be less inhibited by the ‘threshold’ I often experience during this type of artistic happenings.



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