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What we do

By integrating new habits and cultivating rituals into everyday life, Creatuals has done its job.

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The Creatuals team organises events, workshops and lectures that stimulate positive change in a corporate or personal setting. Creatuals themselves help integrate new habits and cultivate rituals. The team work from the bottom up with an exciting and inventive mix of familiar and personal ingredients. The goal is to activate meaningful practices that are beneficially nourishing and have an everlasting impact. Need a place to create from scratch? Want an inspiring space for a group brainstorm? Creatual Lab is open to rent for small to mid-sized gatherings. And don’t miss out on the opportunity to order the recent publication of Creatuals 2016, the book. Let it live on your coffee table as a constant reminder that creativity often exists out-of-the-box, or when you just need your daily dose of inspiration.