Creatuals gives made-to-measure lectures at home and abroad on the essence of creative rituals.

Meike Ziegler, founder and designer of Creatuals, lives and breathes Creatuals. Though the ingredients of a creatual may be familiar, the mix is inventive and surprising. She twists the mind. Hear about these innovative, original concepts that mark such special moments in one of Meike’s inspirational lectures.

Lectures by Meike Ziegler

Breaking Patterns. Moving Minds

Table of Hope Project. A creatual for the world.


Themes of lectures:  

Integrity, innovation, transition, cooperation, development, impact, being future-proof, essence, conviction, passion, (mutual) trust, knowledge and feelings, authenticity, commitment, (social/shared) responsibility, openness, the long-term, open dialogue, being unique, lending strength.



in combination with a workshop for a team building event.