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Learn to break patterns to reinvent yourself and your environment.

Rolling out the red carpet, ribbon-cuttings, releasing balloons, and raising champagne flutes—we are all familiar to these old traditions. 

CREATUALS offers new twists to those time-tested traditions with original and innovative ideas. 

We get to the core of the matter: What moves you and those around you? 

In different workshop and seminar formats Meike gives a comprehensive introduction to CREATUALS and even gives you the opportunity to design your own creative rituals. 

As you work together with others and their own particular professional and personal issues, you will develop a series of CREATUALS to take with you on your own journey to the future.

Corporate events, team-building sessions, symposiums, conferences, training sessions, or special sessions with groups interested in learning about creative rituals. 

Custom-made workshops for small groups are offered at CREATUALS Design Lab in Amsterdam and Berlin. Larger groups will be organised on location.
Prices vary between 100,- and 350,- Euros per person, depending on the program, duration, location, and number of participants. We also have group fees.


Meike lectures and gives workshops at schools, universities and creative leadership courses, aiming for creative, sustainable, meaningful, entrepreneurship like:

Vuca Academy / I&M / KaosPilotsBerlin School of Creative Leadership

“Tangible! Marking moments is a strength you can develop.”
“The power of doings things on an emotional level releases a totally different kind of energy.” 

“It’s powerful to work with associations and metaphors.”
“The realization that a tiny change can bring about a completely different effect is amazing.” 

“I very tentatively invented my own CREATUALS. I’m impressed!”
“I’m especially intrigued by the cycle of giving something and receiving something in return.” 

“Letting go of habitual ways of thinking was life-changing.”



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