Creatuals Workshops Example


Attend one of our inspiring workshops and learn to design your own creatual.

In a Creatuals workshop you will observe and disrupt ingrained patterns and brands. Meike Ziegler motivates each group to use their individual talents in order to find new direction and collective innovation on a given issue or situation. And all together, you and the other participants will search for new perspectives and associated rituals.

Creatual workshops are about lending meaning, integrity, innovation, transition, cooperation, development, impact, essence, conviction, passion, trust, knowledge, feelings, authenticity, commitment, (social / shared) responsibility, openness, long-term, open dialogues, and being unique.


Workshop: The power of creatuals

Ribbon-cutting at an opening, toasting the newlyweds with champagne, celebrating a new product with balloons, and rolling out the red carpet at a premier – all great tried and tested traditions. Now it’s time for something new. Creatuals offer old traditions in a new guise. They are original and innovative, they get to the core of what moves you and those around you.

This workshop gives a comprehensive introduction to Creatuals and gives you the opportunity to design your own creative ritual. As you work together with others and their own particular professional and life issues, a series of creatuals will develop for you to take with you on your journey into the future.


During corporate motivation events, team building sessions, symposia, conferences, trainings or with a group of friends or family.

Creatuals offers these tailor-made workshops at the Creatual Lab Amsterdam and Berlin or on location.

Duration of the workshop varies from 2-3 hours to a full day or more.


Prices vary between 75,- and 250,- euros per person depending on the programme, duration, location, and number of participants.

Some remarks of people after the workshop

‘Tangible. Marking moments is a strength you can develop.’
‘The power of doings things on an emotional level releases a total differently kind of energy.’
‘It’s powerful to work with associations and metaphors.’
‘The realisation that a tiny change can bring about a completely different effect.’
‘I very tentatively invented my own creatual! Impressive.’
‘I’m especially intrigued by the circle of giving something and receiving something in return.’
‘Letting go of habitual ways of thinking.’
‘I discovered a need to do this kind of thing more often. And to allow myself to be less inhibited by the ‘threshold’ I often experience during this type of artistic happenings.



The team at Creatuals can collaborate with you on a unique creatual or any type of event or setting.