Table of Hope Project

The first Table of Hope has been created in 2014 in Cape Town during a creative ritual of three days. This project can be seen as the ultimate metaphor encompassing the idea that we should all sit at the same table, partake of life together and listen to one another. The second table has been created in Ghana last May, and the third stop is foreseen in Amsterdam. The goal is to create Tables of Hope all over the world with and for people of all countries. Lets share words of hope through the wood of the trees we breath from… and stir up good dialogue worldwide!


The Table of Hope is a co-created art piece that becomes a moving table for dialogues of hope. It brings topics to the surface and then seals them again, forever. One table, one place at a time, one movement will start to fuel good dialogue worldwide.

It is a real table made from strips of wood glued together and at the same time it serves as a symbolic statement of hope for peace and stability. The table is made up of handwritten hopes, dreams and thoughts of everyday people, notched on each of the strips of wood that form the table.

This project was initiated by Meike Ziegler. She calls it a ‘Creatual  for the world.’


On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of April 2016 the local Table of Hope project team went to North, South, East and West in Atimpoku and Akwamufie. There they had conversations with willing participants and invited them to write their words of hope on old wood with markers.

From these harvested stories and thoughts on May 1ste we built the Table of Hope Ghana. Local carpenters glued the pieces of wood together into two round tabletops, supported by a steal constuction. The words are hidden and will hold the collective dreams forever sealed in this table.