The Creative Transformers

WORKSHOP – 1day Journey (Pilot). Three Creative Transformers ( Amy Stafford, Arjan van Veelen and Meike Ziegler) ran this pilot workshop on August 12. Our aim is to offer more of these workshops in the future. Now reshaping the course and learning from the feedback of the participants. It was an amazing, inspiring and challenging day for all of us.

If you are interested in this workshop please contact us

Personal archaeology and discovery.

Do you worry sometimes that you don’t quite know where you are going, and feel like you are making it up as you go along?
Do you find yourself at a crossroad in your life – struggling to decide what next step
is the best for you – to change your career, to write that novel, to take a break and understand what path you are on?

Do you wish you had more clarity about where, how and why you are heading in that direction? In your work, in your personal life, in the future you envision for yourself?

Do you struggle to put into words the reason why you do the things you do?

We may know what we do in our lives, but do we know why? Are we consciously choosing to create the life that is authentic to us – and in that choice are we able to express it to others in a way that anchors us in our truth?

Join the Creative Transformers for a full day of personal archaeology and discovery – unearthing the artifacts and treasures, as well as the dirt, that shapes our stories and influences our path through life. Come with curiosity, openness and a desire for more – and end the day infused with a new sense of purpose and clarity – as well
as the inspiration, motivation to bring it into your daily life.

Over the course of approx. 8 hours you will be challenged and championed, heard and moved to a new understanding of your place on this planet – and the rich creative power you have to design your life from this fresh starting point.

Be fed with our food for thought: by delicious discoveries, delicious conversations, delicious creations, delicious food and drink in a deliciously inspiring location.