Betabreakfast is a weekly community breakfast

3 November, Creatual talk at betahaus Berlin

Traditional organizational structures and conventions like hierarchy, age, and proper career paths aren’t relevant in betahaus. Once people walk in, they leave behind where they came from and they focus on the future. They do so with a drive to do something different or new, and with a positive and fresh idea on how they’d like to work. In betahaus they have the freedom to choose who they’d like to work with, how, where, and when. Just like AirBnB frees hospitality and Uber frees transport, betahaus frees work.

The world is constantly changing, and the way we work is changing with it. Value is being created in various locations, at different times and in ever changing constellations. There are less permanent jobs on offer, yet there are more possibilities than ever before to build something yourself: either as an entrepreneur, a startup, a freelancer, a maker, or a combination of these. There is a secular shift towards more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work styles. Rather than at a peak, we believe that we are at the beginning of a deep societal trend that is transforming both industrialized countries and the developing world.