Creatuals is a look into a world of un-traveled possibilities.

“Keep the Change”. Yesterday we rang in Spring 2017 with a change-centric Creatual. We focused on the personal changes we’ve been experiencing and then collectively merged and transformed our stories together to make one.

How the evening played out: We split into four groups where we shared our personal “change” stories with six other participants. After which, we designed our collective symbol of change through the use of tin bar strips. Then, we melted our tin change symbols over a bonfire. The liquid tin was then poured into a deep vertical hole down the heart of a salvaged tree trunk from the Düppel Forest, which acted as a mould. As it cooled, the liquid solidified into a cylinder silver bar. This bar was cut into four parts to be sliced into coins. For each participant, a coin filled with change. This way, they could all keep the change!