The Blue Room

A collaboration with the Jewish Museum and 18 refugee artists.

Creatual concept.

Throughout the history of art, “blue” has been more than just a popular color with which surfaces are filled, contours drawn and other colors forced to interact. “Blue” is also the color which – as a counterpart to yellow and orange shades – is considered cold and more of a background color with regard to perspective. It thus develops into a symbol of longing and breadth.

Take your time to experience the artworks and try to let the blue of the Blue Room affect how you see it. Inspired by these experiences, what comes to your mind when you think of the colour blue? During the course of history a great many artists have been inspired by the colour blue.

You may write your blue thoughts on the exhibit floor plan. Use the white pen, to make your thoughts be seen. Then, cut and fold your box.

Think outside the box, but find your thoughts within!