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Creatual design in Amsterdam and Berlin

The Creatual Lab was founded in 2010 by Meike Ziegler. Today she and her team run Creatuals in Amsterdam and Berlin. In the Creatual Labs different worlds merge together: people, situations, locations and objects. “We listen, feel and create both intuitively and interactively.” Since we started in 2010 we have devised over 100 creatual events and products for commercial enterprises, non-profit and cultural organisations and for individual clients.

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The Creatuals Manifesto

We aspire to:

  • Enrich traditional events with a meaningful story
  • Place history in a new context
  • Challenge ourselves to create unexpected solutions
  • Create sustainable and responsible products
  • Mark moments through expressive concepts
  • Convey the essence of a message in the most concise way
  • Arouse interest in social aspects
  • Involve our clients in the creative process
  • Design beyond 2D and 3D
  • Break patterns and move minds
  • Emphasize that we are all equal human beings