Creatual Art With Heart Sagest Group Silhouettes

Art with Heart


What does our collective heartbeat sound like? The Art with Heart creatual is modern, musical and innovative. It runs like a leitmotif through an event. 1200 employees of PWC were clearly overwelmed by the heart beat soundscape merged with extraordinary saxophone perfomance of Yuri Honing at the end of the conference. At Sagafest in Iceland the crowd listened and danced to their own heartbeat soundmix till dawn. Sound designer Jesse Koolhaas had woven all captured heartbeats into a soundscape composed in the moment for these events. A drummer and singer added -out of the blue- true gold to the composition.


How the creatual art with heart plays out

The Creatuals team conducts short, “truth chats” with guests at the event about a particular topic which really moves them. They then let these people listen to the sound of their own heartbeat and experience what discussing their topic has done to them. This is a moment for people to stop and reconnect with themselves.

With the interviewees’ permission, the individual heartbeats are recorded and mixed on the spot into a spectacular collective heartbeat soundtrack, composed by Creatual sound designer Jesse Koolhaas from Mistic Brew.

As the grande finale the collective heartbeat track is played together with an improvisational musician. Guests are given a digital copy of the tune as a memento of the gathering at which their sound and energy was captured.


Dinners, parties, conferences, festivals

Creatual alchemist / Heart Connectors / Sound Designer / Musician / Project leader

A minimum of 75 participants. Stage with sound equipment


Listen [with head-phone] to some of the Art with Heart collective heartbeat soundscapes

PWC Conference ‘Moments that Matter’, November 2014:

Sagafest IJsland ‘SagaSound’, May 2015: