Creatual Candle Letter Closeup

Candle Letter



Express your feelings by sending a candle letter

Have you ever felt like writing a letter to express your feelings, but not wanting to send it? …Because you…love someone or something…have something to celebrate or share…or because you feel angry, jealous or sad… Don’t keep your feelings bottled up –wite a candle letter!


Instructions for Candle Letter

There are things we are proud of, sad or happy about, but we don’t say them out loud. Some of these things we want to remember, and some we want to forget. With this candle letter you can share your story with the elements. Your words will merge and melt into light, heat and energy…

Step 1: write

Use the sharp point of the match, etch your message into the wax sheets. (No need to press hard)
Write this letter alone or together and find your reason or moment to do it. …

Step 2: roll

Warm the single sheets between your flat hands to make them soft.
Take the string and roll the wax sheets on the short side -one by one-
around it to create your candle.

Step 3: light

Cut the string 5mm above the top side of the candle.
Place the candle on a small plate and light it with the tall match.

Send your letter!