Creatual Hatching Happiness Glass Cocoon Man

Hatching Happiness


For thirty years now, the agency has aimed to boost the Dutch business community by organizing events for them. By now they have a track record of over 1,750 events in the Netherlands and abroad. Every year they host a Rosé Party for their clients and business relations, an event full of encounters, inspiration and of course, rosé tasting. This year the director wants to approach things differently. He challenges the Creative Alchemist to come up with a ‘happiness’-themed creatual for a select group of clients, that will be both thought-provoking and sensually stimulating. Above all, it will be an experience they have never had before, a real wake-up call. That’s quite a challenge. The Creative Alchemist gets right on it. The guests will experience what the director has asked for: Hatching Happiness is an impactful ritual they will never forget.


The situation:
An event agency that organizes an annual Rosé Party for its clients and business relations.

The context:
This event needs an extra sparkle.

The request:
A creatual that gives the guests an experience they have never had before.

Number of participants:

The Creative Alchemist’s response:
A personal ‘happiness chrysalis’ that metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly. Hatching happiness, how the creatual plays out.

How the creatual Hatching Happiness playes out

On the day of the creatual, the guests arrive by boat on the island fort in the large lake. Every guest receives an mp3 player, a set of headphones and a relaxing colourful deckchair. They hear a voice that leads them into a surrealistic world where butterflies are created from an elixir extracted from the rarest species of all: truly happy souls.

Afterwards, in the fort, the guests all receive a bamboo pen, some bark ink and a small strip of glossy paper on which to write their own idea of true happiness. Then everyone dips their strip in a test tube filled with rainwater. The words dissolve into the water and a cork with a neck-strap attached to it seals the tube containing the personal elixir.

In small groups the guests are led into a magical lit room, filled with classical music and thousands of flying butterflies projected on the walls. In the centre of the room the guests approach a cabinet containing 150 living butterfly chrysalides. Taking turns, everyone uses a pipette to sprinkle a few drops of their ‘happiness water’ onto their very own numbered chrysalis.

While the guests dine outside, the butterfly cabinet is closed and carefully transported to a tropically heated greenhouse in the Creative Alchemist’s studio. In the course of the next few weeks the participants can follow their own ‘bearer of happiness’ on a webcam. Everyone receives a personal birth announcement card when their butterfly is born, including the time and date of birth.