Creatual Highlight Sustainable Power Plant Zalm



One of the largest power companies in the Netherlands is convinced it’s time for radical change. This idea has been around for a while and is finding increasing support in today’s world. There’s a limit to how much energy we can squeeze out of the earth, without giving something back, The source is the perfect place for change to happen, at the same time enabling us, the consumers, to explore new avenues.

The company was one of the first to start looking for new solutions. For years it has been encouraging its customers to use green and sustainable energy. Many consumers are on board with this. Plenty of reasons, then. to refurbish and reopen a disused power plant that complies with all contemporary requirements for sustainability. The company organises an event for its employees to pay special tribute to this moment. They ask the Creative Alchemist to think of something that will enable the employees to physically experience the impact of the transition the company is currently undergoing.

How the creatual Highlight plays out

The guests assemble in the new power plant. They take a seat at one of eight tables positioned like compass points around the central stage. Each table is covered with a seven-metre long tablecloth. There is one percussionist at each of North,South, East and West. One plays on glass, another on wood, one on stone and one on metal. Then a storyteller, dressed in a red cape, appears on stage and transports the visitors to a different world. The visitors receive marker pens and proceed to draw words and symbols on the white canvas in front of them. A hefty metal ring ascends from the stage, pulling the banners that are attached to it up to the top of the tall building where together they form a gigantic lampshade, the High Light. The effect is phenomenal. As a souvenir the visitors receive a small piece of one of the banners, wrapped around a silver torch.



An event for a large power company that wants to stimulate sustainable energy use

The opening of a new, sustainable power plant

A creatual that allows employees to experience the impact this will have


Creative Alchemist response
Huge table banners on which messages are written that emerge from the subconscious. The banners are hoisted up and become part of a gigantic source of light.