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Huile de Mariage


They are the ideal couple and after more than a year of intensive preparations, their wedding is now just around the corner. She gives relaxing treatments to ‘the happy few’ with her natural oils and he, besides being a gifted storyteller, is an amazing mechanic who can fix anything that has an engine, in no time at all. They both know exactly what they want and in addition they are both perfectionists. They usually see eye to eye, but sometimes, briefly, they don’t. Even though they’re fully convinced they are right for each other, getting married still feels like a major, irreversible step. How will they preserve the quality of their relationship and how can they ensure that in the future they will still be able to solve any differences of opinion harmoniously? He came up with the idea of asking the wedding guests to help them out. But he wasn’t sure exactly how to do this. They contacted the Creative Alchemist.

How the creatual Huile de Mariage plays out

The wedding invitations include small paper bags. The guests are asked to put something in the bag that symbolizes the bride and bridegroom: something herbal, mechanical or some other item. They can write a message on the bag explaining why they chose this particular item. On the day itself a large table is placed in the sun-drenched garden, covered with a white table cloth. In the middle of the table stands a glass bowl full of little odds and ends. At each end of the table there is a pillar with a large, transparent flask on top. One of the flasks is filled with a syrupy substance, the other flask is empty. A large glass funnel containing a giant paper coffee filter rests on top of the empty flask. The Alchemist stands behind the table and addresses the bride and groom shortly before the official ceremony commences, requesting them to mix their own conjugal miracle oil using the ingredients their guests have brought along. In the meantime the oil is completely filtered.

Later on, when the guests queue up to congratulate the newlyweds, every couple receives a small phial filled with the golden miracle oil and a recipe, to take home.

Golden oil for Marriage Maintenance


The situation:
A couple is about to get married, and although they’re sure of each other, marriage still feels like a big commitment

The context:
A wedding

The request:
A creatual, involving the wedding guests, that ensures the couple will still be able to solve potential future differences of opinion harmoniously.

Number of participants:

The Creative Alchemist’s response:
Personalized golden miracle oil.