Creatual String of Pearls Necklace Blurred Grandma



She was 96 years old, has three children, five grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She was immensely proud and genuinely, always wanted to know what you were up to. Everyone non stop wrapped up in the business of shaping his or her own life. My grandma felt she had a responsibility to hold the family together. She knew everything about everyone and proudly told you all about your relatives, so that after a brief visit with her you were completely up to date. On each of her sporadic visits, I was intrigued by the string of pearls Grandma almost always wear. The necklace had become part of her.

Shortly after one such visit, Grandma passed away. How the family will miss this proud woman! And will the family ties remain intact without her? The Creative Alchemist devises a symbolic and intensely personal creatual, which she decides to perform at the funeral.

How the creatual Pearls plays out

During the parting ceremony the Creative Alchemist steps forward to say a few words. She holds up the string of pearls. ‘This was Grandma,’ she says. The mourners nod in recognition, the necklace is familiar to all of them. ‘Grandma was the thread that held us all together. We were her pearls, the pearls she loved so deeply and was so proud of.’ Then she takes a pair of scissors and cuts the necklace. The pearls tumble into a bowl.

The thread and clasp are placed in an organza bag and fixed to the coffin, they will go with Grandma. Each family member receives a pearl to keep and cherish. It represents what we ment to Grandma and it holds a promise to maintain the family ties. Now the pearls can only form an imaginary necklace.


The situation:
Grandma, who held the family firmly together, has passed away at age 96.

The context:
Her funeral

The request:
A creatual that expresses Grandma role in the family.

Number of participants:

The Creative Alchemist’s response:
A string of pearls possessing great emotional value – severed.