About Us

Handshape Project connected over 20.000 people and was the foundation of our partnership.

The Creatual Lab was founded in 2009 by Meike Ziegler. Today she runs Creatuals in Amsterdam and Berlin. In the Creatual Labs different worlds merge together: people, situations, locations and objects. “We listen, feel and create both intuitively and interactively.” Since the start in 2009 she has devised over 120 creatual events and products for commercial enterprises, non-profit and cultural organisations and for individual clients.

Since 2018 Meike Ziegler and Ivan Gabor teamed up as Creatual partners, whereas Meike has the conceptual lead and Ivan is the managing director. The Berlin Handshape Project – a social art project commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2019 – connected over 20.000 people from across the world and laid the foundation of their collaboration.

Meike | Ivan