Creative Alchemist

“It’s our basic need to give creative meaning to our life stories.”
Meike Ziegler – the Creative Alchemist

— CREATUALS Founder / Artist /  Experience Designer 

Meike Ziegler is an artist, multimedia designer and creator of extraordinary experiences. She is the mastermind behind CREATUALS. People call her a ‘Creative Alchemist’ because she intuitively and interactively concocts creations from abstract ideas. 

The results of her creations provoke new thoughts and deepen group dynamics, while bringing everyone closer together through the shared experience. Meike works with symbolic ingredients to create unforgettable ceremonies and events that will live on in your memory forever. 

She began designing CREATUALS with the aim to invite people out of their patterns of expectations, create unique spaces and experiences, lend new meanings to known objects, and offer moments to impact and reflect. 

CREATUALS is the crossroads — or you could say vessels — of her profession and passion.


Meike | Ivan