Who are Creatuals for?

Communities, Organisations and Individuals


CREATUALS transform essential stories into shared experience and knowledge.

CREATUALS  specializes in designing centerpiece experiences for your community or group event to develop commitment, learning and growth.


We take the purpose of your event and add to it your mission, values and identity. 

We syphon your story, finding the gold and shape the narrative.

We embrace your communication strategy, organizational culture and style. 

We extract authentic substances from your company’s core – objects and materials, values and ideas – and use these to create, shape and develop. From the unique ingredients you’ve provided, we design an experience.

Rites of Passage]

Presence, memory and meaning – CREATUALS are for important moments in life.

Formulated for a specific theme or occasion, CREATUALS go far beyond the traditional.

Weddings, anniversaries, farewells, births, deaths, celebrations, moments of decision and change – each have their traditions and rituals. CREATUALS enrich these moments.

CREATUALS are personal in nature and exquisite in design. They are spaces of personal experience, collective creativity and shared knowledge.


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